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Interview: Carter Pilcher - CEO Shorts International

On the occasion of the launch of TVCortos in Latin America, the CEO of Shorts International, spoke with Broadcaster and told all the news that the signal brings.

Pilcher is member of Academy of Motion Pictures, and one of the things that they see especially in the last 5 or 6 years, is what they call a kind of the life of Latino filmmakers. “I mean, we had best pictures or best directors almost every year from the Latino filmmaker. I think that part of the reason for that is the culture of filmmaking is very different in Latin America”. Especially in US, the culture of filmmaking is kind of a big business, and so the good guys often kind of go strait to work in the big factory, which is Hollywood. “They don´t get to experiment so much, they have more toys to play with them and often they forget to focus to telling they own stories”, says Pilcher.

In addition, in Latin America there isn´t a big factory, directors have just - if they really have a passion for filmmaking - have to really focus on creating they own stories and most of them don´t have huge budgets, and “if you look at any of this guys, and ever if you look at the animated work from Argentina from a couple of years ago, the stories that Latino filmmakers are making in short films, are some of the most powerful shorts stories of the world. And because of that, we´re very excited to bring TVCortos to Latin America”.

TVCortos have the particularity that the entire channel is an original production; nothing has ever been seen any place else. All the films are promising for the first time in Latin America on TVCortos. “We have some documentary type series, we fallow filmmakers and most of all original productions as well, but the entire channel, every single film, is fresh an new; by emerging filmmakers both from Latin America, Europe and from United States”, Carter mentioned.

In the way to get this particular original films, Pilcher and go to almost every festival with partners. With partners most of them from North America, and they are in the process of improvising partnership of many successful shorts in Latin America, with partners with many successful shorts in Europe and now also in Asia. “We work very closely with the filmmakers to create more opportunities. We have pitch competitions where filmmakers pitch their best short film idea. We found the film and sometimes we get great films and sometimes we get ok films, but it´s a great way to build interest and to give filmmakers a shot”, he said. In addition, “we working now with some production companies in the region to star developing shorts formats and we´re building what we call shorts movies series that we´re going to start producing next year with a couple of local filmmakers and try to making longer forms and attend them and we are teaching about how to make shorts”.

By the way, the Channel have series like "Hollywood Best Directors" that basically show Hollywood best directors talking about making films and what the culture of filmmaking is like; is some that really explore that.

Additionally, TVCortos is guided not so much for filmmakers young people in university but is guided for what they call fans of films, people who really know and loves great films. “There isn´t nowhere place to go to see the world best shorts films for anybody, except on TVCortos. We definitely work very closely with schools around the world and we do lots things with them like panels and this kind off stuff to build the culture of filmmaking because these are the guys that supply us. We want great short films coming out of the young emerging filmmakers”, explains Pilcher.

Moreover, from TVCortos are already start rolling up an app. “We know about short movies audience, and we see that they watch short film a lot more like they consume music. So we built an app that launch and available to all the cable subscribers in the middle and be available into the set top boxes, and it´s similar like Spotify, that has a very strait recommendation action, so you can watch a movie and skip it or like it, and the app can give you more and more films that exactly like the one you like, also you can create your own playlist and watch all the films from Rumania, or romantic comedies from all around the world, however you want”, he mentioned. The app launch a twenty five hundred films and they are working with DirecTV to range the english languages version on ShortsTV in US in early October and will bring it the spanish version to Latin America for all subscribers of DirecTV and they be able to use their subscription number (of DirecTV) to sign into the app. After that, “we will star making available be on DirecTV and let people subscribes directly to the app. One of the things that is most exciting for us, is that i think that Latin America filmmakers get it. Their way ahead on everybody else, and i think that we will gonna see just an explosion, because Latin America filmmakers have so much talent that no one has really see”, Carter conclude.

A destacar:
Shorts International es productor de contenido original, así como también adquiere cortometrajes de animación, ficción y documentales de otras casas productoras. TVCortos cuenta con cortos de diversos directores, productores y talentos, como por ejemplo el galardonado cortometraje “Historia de un oso”.
Parte del contenido que emiten en su pantalla son adquisiciones de distintas partes del mundo, creando así un canal único dedicado 100% a cortometrajes en América Latina.
También vale destacar que quienes quieran participar del canal pueden postular sus cortos a través de




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