Nadav Palti, CEO & Presidente de Dori Media Group

Broadcaster got in contact with Nadav Palti, CEO & President of Dori Media Group Ltd, to talk about how was this year for the firm and what are the main goals for the future, among other things

BC) How has the closing of this year been for DoriMedia? What are your expectations for 2022?

NP) The pandemic effected all aspects, work processes, sales, production and co-productions. Despite the pandemic, 2020 and 2021 were very good years for Dori Media. Success both in scripted, non-scripted content and in our 6 TV channels.

The success was a result of a combination of a quick adaptation of the work processes to the new, unfamiliar situation, and our quality, large, diverse library, content (existing and new) that we were able to offer our clients. We have different genres, content of different number of episodes and content from different territories (of different languages).  Further to our existing library we enlarge our library and content constantly with new productions in Israel and LATAM.

In addition to the catalogue, we use the expertise of our sales team to fit the best content to each client.

We expect that 2022 will continue in the same very positive trend for Dori Media.

Here are some of our 2021 successes: Power Couple reality format continues to triumph with new seasons and new territories worldwide, Little Mom UK remake, «Hullraisers», was produced and is planned to air in Q1 2022 on Channel 4, «Sessão de Terapia», the remake of In Treatment aired a 5th season in Brazil on Globoplay, hit drama Normal and crime drama Dumb were sold to WarnerMedia LATAM, Netflix produced 2 seasons (of 8 episodes each) of Rebelde planned to air globally on Jan 5, 2022, the unscripted formats – The Selfie Challenge and Win the Crowd were sold to Abu Dhabi Media, produced and aired successfully and the historical telenovela Argentina, Land of Passion and Revenge was sold to Japan’s Contents Seven.

In 2021 we were also honored with nominations to two highly regarded competitions, The New Black season 2 was nominated for Best Comedy in the Rose D’or Awards, and Roy Nik, leading actor in Normal, was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in the International Emmy Awards.

BC) Did the binge watching and OTT phenomena change the way of thinking about content? How do you handle engagement with the networks?

NP) The demand for content (and especially dramas) is growing for a few years but

the pandemic, and the fact that people stay more at home, increased it even more.

In addition to the pandemic, the launch of new large platforms that need content, both current (library content) and new, has a positive effect on our sales since we have a large quality content to offer.

As a result, in order to meet demand, we have many new titles in various stages of production.

The situation leads to collaborations, sales of finished products in Hebrew and Spanish, remakes and also collaborations in various production stages.

BC) What are the main goals for next year?

NP) We plan to continue productions (including developments of titles in Israel and worldwide), increase co-productions and continue selling our huge catalogue.

We are focusing more on LATAM, with substantial productions of high-quality content in Argentina, 8 episodes scripted formats, and are planning to produce in Mexico as well.

Dori Media is focused on providing a diverse mix of highly innovative and high-buzz titles for buyers globally to differentiate their content\platforms in the increasingly fragmented media landscape. As the world gradually moves into a “living-with-Covid” era, Dori Media remains committed to helping our clients navigate new challenges that will emerge in this stage with mutually beneficial, win-win solutions.